Friday, April 15, 2011

21st Birthday Cake Pictures

There are many ways to make it known on your cake that it is your 21st birthday. You can purchase a store bought cake from your local bakery or grocery store. Or maybe you'd rather bake it yourself and decorate it. Whichever you choose the birthday receiver is sure to enjoy the cake. If making a cake at home one idea is to use numbered cake pans to show your age, they are always a hit. Other easy options are to add 21st birthday cake decorations such as edible images, candles or toppers.

The 21st birthday is one of excitement. Probably one of the last special birthdays for awhile. Most people can't wait to become 21, legal drinking age. 

These 21st birthday cake ideas, won't give you a hangover although some 
may look like they will.

Bottoms Up!

21 Birthday Cakes Girls

Below are some examples of edible cake images for the 21st birthday as easy to use as applying a sticker. 

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21st Birthday Cakes Guys

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How To Apply An Edible Image Cake Topper

Here's an idea for a 21st birthday cake. In fact it's not a real cake at all but it's edible or shall I say drinkable. I bet the legally 21 recipient will really enjoy receiving one of these cakes on his/her  21st birthday. 

What you need:
  1. 24 pack of miller lite or other beer canned
  2. 3 cork mats
  3. scissors
  4. ribbon
  5. tape
  6. wrapping paper if desired

21st Birthday Giant Cupcakes
(because bigger is always better)

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